584 DOC. 562 JUNE 1918 562. Divorce Agreement Berlin, 12 June 1918 Agreement. 1) Prof. Einstein in Berlin shall deposit in trust at a Swiss bank Forty Thousand Marks in securities,[1] with the stipulation that, in the case of a divorce of the spouses, this sum become the property of Mrs. Mileva Einstein née Maric. 2) From the moment of the opening of the trust account, Mrs. Mileva Einstein shall draw the interest. She shall not exercise power over the capital without the consent of Prof. Einstein (i.e., the securities shall neither be sold, nor mortgaged, nor exchanged without his approval). 3) Prof. Einstein shall send in quarterly installments to Mrs. Mileva Einstein an alimony sum which, including the interest from the gift sum just mentioned and including the interest from the Nobel Prize to be named under No. 4 of this contract, annually amounts to a total of Eight Thousand Francs,[2] about the disbursal of which Mrs. M. Einstein shall render no account. 4) Prof. Einstein shall instruct, in the event of a divorce and in case he receives the Nobel Prize, the principal of the above less Forty Thousand Marks, to become the property of Mrs. Mileva Einstein and shall deposit this capital in trust at a Swiss bank. Regarding this sum the following shall apply: a) Mrs. M. Einstein shall have no authority over the capital without the consent of Prof. Einstein. She shall dispose freely of the interest, however. b) In the case of the remarriage or death of Mrs. Einstein, the above-mentioned 40,000 Marks, or the above-mentioned 40,000 Marks along with the Nobel Prize ceded to Mrs. Einstein, less 40,000 Marks, shall go to the children, Albert and Eduard Einstein. 5) Prof. Einstein shall provide that Twenty Thousand Marks be deposited at a German bank,[3] the interest of which shall be paid out to Mrs. M. Einstein after his death, in the event that Prof. Einstein is not awarded the Nobel Prize. 6) Mrs. Mileva Einstein shall assume the care of the children and shall exercise all aspects of parental authority-obviously within the constraints of the legal regulations. She shall obligate herself to entrust the children to their father while he is sojourning in Switzerland during the school holidays.