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Lorentz transformation. It would be different if the radii were considered material,
but not the tangential connections of their
What you say about the measuring rods and clocks placed on the periphery is
An unjustifiable transferral of results of the special theory
of relativity to accelerated systems (relative to the inertial system) is involved
Freundlich and Schlick are definitely right
By your manner of
deduction, one could just as well conclude that every light ray must propagate
along a straight line relative to an arbitrarily rotating system, etc. Your misunder-
standing is very fundamental. I would have much more to say, but face-to-face ar-
gument and counterargument are much easier.
With best regards, yours,
96. From Jean Perrin[1]
Paris, 28 August 1919
My dear Einstein,
First of all, I would like to tell you that it was a great comfort for everyone here
who admired and liked you to learn from our friend Pierre
that since the
beginning of the great ordeal and throughout its entire duration you always knew
where to look for justice.
We shall have a lengthier chat about that someday and, in recollecting our old
I cherish the hope that we should have very closely related con-
ceptions of the Ideal towards which Humanity should strive.
From the point of view of science, Weiss tells me that you have achieved some
very great things, and I am not surprised. I would be very pleased if you could send
me (Sorbonne, Paris) a few [offprints].
Without drawing any comparison, toward the end of the war I also managed to
write up the lecture I had given in Zurich (Fluorescence, Luminescence), delving
Above all, I developed an idea that I had already introduced to you (around 1911,
I believe, or 1912???) [on] chemical reactions. (You then doubted that any mono-
molecular decomposition would take place in gaseous media without a catalyst—
but I believe the objection can be removed.) I would be gratified if you read this
paper carefully (Matière et
There you will find, in particular, a theory
of radioactivity that, provided it is accurate, would be of
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