9 2 D O C . 1 0 8 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 1 9
I would appreciate it if you would express your opinion about this idea quite
frankly and without reservation. I am not committed to any plan. It just seems to
me that the suggested solution is the best option at the moment at a time when go-
ing abroad, for ex., is still impossible for me practically. The following related
questions seem to me to be of importance:
1. Do you consider it useful, measured against the necessary effort and time, etc.,
and in tune with a real need, for such a booklet to appear?
2. Do you consider me suited for this, and do you know anyone else instead who
would be ready and more capable of the same task?
3. Can a good publisher be found?
4. Could I count on your cooperation insofar as I could submit my pros[pective]
manuscript to you for criticism?
5. Are any of the Swiss electrotechnical firms particularly suited, considering
your contacts with influential individuals, for a subsidy?
Before I undertake anything, I will wait until you have expressed your opinion.
Michele Besso is coming to Switzerland on the 22nd [of this
He is car-
rying the thought around with him of going into a monastery. I doubt whether he
would be safe there from the insanity of the world.
The deflection of the Sun was supposed to be established this year, wasn’t
With heartfelt thanks that you have followed me along up to here and compli-
ments to your esteemed wife, I remain yours,
W. Dällenbach
How is your
108. To Hendrik A. Lorentz
[Berlin,] 21 September 1919
Esteemed Colleague,
I wanted to wait with my letter until I could send you our first publication (on
the events in
It was completed during my sojourn in Switzerland. When I
received it in printed form a few days ago, I had a real shock. The foreword was
sloppily written; the local files [on Germany’s conduct of the war] hardly referred
to the factual findings in question, so the brochure would have done more harm
So we had no alternative but to withdraw the whole (luckily small)
in favor of a fresh printing after amendment and improvement. There is
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