9 8 D O C S . 1 1 3 , 1 1 4 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 1 9
P.S. Light deflection has been demonstrated by the English, albeit as of now at a
modest precision of 0.9–1.8″, whereas the theory requires
Greater precision
will surely result from the definitive evaluation.
113. To Pauline Einstein
[Berlin,] 27 September 1919
Dear Mother,
Today some happy news. H. A. Lorentz telegraphed me that the English expedi-
tions have really verified the deflection of light by the
Maja writes me, to
my dismay, that you not only have much pain but that you are thinking dismal
thoughts as
How much I would like to keep you company
so that
you aren’t overtaken by such nasty contemplations! But I am going to have to stay
here a while and work. I shall also be traveling to Holland for a few days in order
to show my gratitude to
although the loss of time is quite grievous.
I heartily wish you pleasant days. Fond wishes from your
Regards to the nurse, Mrs. Dann along with her son, Maja, Pauli, and your Fräulein
Next time more!
114. To Jean Perrin
[Berlin,] 27 September 1919
Dear Mr. Perrin,
How happy I was, after these long, terrible years, to hear from you directly
I can assure you that, during those times, our ardent wishes and fears were
“connected in parallel” much more than could be guessed from the external condi-
tions. But now my fears continue in that, in my opinion, on every field poisonous
weeds can grow alongside the good corn, when conditions are right; I believe these
matter more than the soil. I would be very pleased if we could speak to each other
again sometime. The fine hours I spent with you, Langevin, and Mrs. Curie in Paris
and Brussels have remained
Perhaps that will happen one day in
Holland or in Switzerland, since obviously, for the foreseeable future, I must not
venture into Paris with my Swabian French.
I beg you kindly to send me your new paper on the role of radiation in chemical
reactions, which Pierre Weiss already discussed with
I am sending you a few
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