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You may possibly find this quite interesting.
Yesterday I heard from Harms that Zeeman in Amsterdam just now published a
new experiment on the optics of moving bodies, in which the light propagates in a
glass or quartz object instead of in water, as in Fizeau’s experiment.[5] This is one
more reason to straighten out Harress’s experiment now as well.
With cordial regards, also to Planck, yours,
M. Laue.
Recipient’s notes on verso:
“1. Ionization work in metals
lattice work.
“2. Neutral separation work
work for loosening an electron from the [io]n.
“From (1), lattice work independent of the remainder.
“[From] (2), neutral separation work indep. of metal.”
146. From Hans Thirring
Vienna, 20 October 1919
Dear Mr. Einstein,
A moment ago I read in the Naturwissenschaften your little notice about the shift
in fixed-star
Ever since I understood gravitation theory, I never doub-
ted the existence of this effect; I was nonetheless mightily pleased about its discov-
ery and congratulate you most heartily on it.
If I had the effusive style of a d’Annunzio, I would now cry out: This day marks
you as the greatest physicist in the
In July I was in Berlin again for a week—unfortunately just at a time when you
were not
Did you receive (about 8 months ago) the 10 separate offprints of
my little lecture on gravitation
I am presently engaged in some not uninteresting speculations about atomic and
crystalline structure—a preliminary report about that will be going out to the Phys.
Zeitschr. in the next day or
For it can be very strictly proved on the basis of
the Sohnke-Schoenfliess theory that it is impossible to arrange axisymmetric atoms
in a Bragg diamond lattice so that the symmetry class that had been experimentally
found macroscopically for diamond comes
It can be shown analogously that
with such axisymmetric atoms a structure with a regular holohedral symmetry
(NaCl) can be built on the basis of Bragg’s NaCl lattice but not with the enantio-
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Na[+] Cl[-] Na+ Cl NaCl Na Cl
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