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content of this brochure and deem a dissemination of the same as undesirable and
harmful, I place great importance on informing you how it came into
The signatories and a few other persons came together to work toward educating
and reconciling people here by making the wartime incidents known. While Miss
and I were in Switzerland, a few members of our commission compiled
this brochure, with good intentions, but unfortunately with little professional ex-
pertise, and—without first showing the same to us—submitted it to the press and
already sent out a few copies. I can probably spare myself criticism of the content;
the brochure’s deficiencies are all too obvious. As soon as we caught wind of the
matter, we obstructed further distribution with the intention of having a better bro-
chure on the Lille incidents appear as soon as possible.
I entreat you please to keep the copy you have to yourself or to destroy it, and to
make every effort to assure that this fatal incident inflicts no harm. In the hope that
we shall soon be in a position to eradicate this ugly disgrace, I am, with amicable
greetings, yours very truly.
164. From Hendrik A. Lorentz
Leyden, [14 November 1919]
At Royal and Astronomical Society also confirmation of [solar-limb] distance
Tag text: “Forwarded by mail because of interruption in telegraph communications.”
165. To Hendrik A. Lorentz
[Berlin,] 15 November 1919
Highly esteemed Mr. Lorentz,
Your telegram again pleased me deeply even though I was already informed
about the
For it is proof that you are partial to me, which means more to
me than all the experimental verifications in the world. The day I was allowed to
spend with you in Haarlem was one of the nicest of my
You yourself must
sense that my fondness and admiration for you comes from deep down.
I wrote to Mr. van Beek en
Let’s hope my associates’ ineptness won’t
cause any more harm.Your information about the result of the calculation regarding
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