1 4 0 D O C S . 1 6 7 , 1 6 8 N O V E M B E R 1 9 1 9
2000 marks had come from but could not make head or tail of it. An instruction to
this effect is going out to the Züricher Bankverein in the same post; you might still
be asked by the bank before the money transfer is executed. These savings are un-
fortunately so terribly devalued that they’re not of much
It’s all the more important that the little bit of Swiss money, which has retained
its value on the whole, be guarded. For that you will just have to move to Germany
soon, in my opinion. As soon as possible I shall take steps to look for an apartment
for you all in a suitable town in Baden, which is no small matter with this dreadful
I would find it most preferable if you would rent out the Zurich
because then we could spare ourselves the awful move. In any case
we ought to try to get a roof over your head by apartment swapping with a Baden
family wanting to go to Switzerland. Haber told me recently that this method de-
veloped out of the pressures of prevailing conditions.—Avoiding transportation of
the furniture would be very desirable also to the extent that in these uncertain times
one never does know what tomorrow will bring; in the end it could turn out that af-
ter a short time a situation would arise that made a return to Switzerland possible
or even desirable. Who knows?
I suppose you did not get my last letter—the reply to your letter agreeing about
the necessity for a change of residence—because you do not mention it at all.
I’m very much longing for a few lines from Albert and Tete. Tell them so!
Best regards to all three of you, yours,
167. To Arthur von Oettingen
16 November 1919
[Not selected for translation.]
168. From Adriaan D. Fokker
Arosa, [canton of Graubünden,] Wald Sanatorium, 18 November 1919
Dear Professor,
Yesterday Mr. de Sitter received the abstract of Mr. Dyson’s notice on measure-
ments of the eclipse
and we were deeply pleased about the brilliant
confirmation of your expectations. I cannot refrain from congratulating you heart-
ily and wishing you untarnished joy in your good fortune!! What you must be feel-
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