D O C S . 1 7 0 , 1 7 1 N O V E M B E R 1 9 1 9 1 4 3
170. To Moritz Schlick
Berlin, 21 November
Dear Colleague,
Thank you very much indeed for your two
I shall take the train on
Tuesday that you mentioned, if I can obtain a
You have probably already
heard that Mr. Planck was sent for by telegram, due to his daughter’s serious
I dearly hope for us all that things will turn for the better and that we can
travel together after all.
To a happy reunion, with best regards, yours,
A. Einstein.
171. From Hugo Bergmann
London W.C.1, 77 Great Russell Street, 21 November 1919
Esteemed Professor,
With sincere thanks I confirm receipt of your letter of November
I tele-
graphed you in accordance with the enclosed copy. Your warm interest in the yet-
to-be-founded Hebrew University is for us a guarantee that our plan will succeed,
and that not only shall we be in a position to establish a small university in Palestine
but that this institution of higher education will be worthy in every way of forming
an intellectual center for Jewry throughout the world.
It goes without saying that we shall be very glad to invite the gentlemen you
named—Prof. Epstein, Prof. Ehrenfest, Prof. Landau, and Dr. Courant—to the
and, naturally, also to assume the high travel expenses caused by the
unfavorable rate of exchange. This, of course, also applies to others to whom you
may still refer us. We would be grateful if you would support our official invitation
with private correspondence on your side.
Thus, as you have gathered from the telegram, the conference will be taking
place from 14–18 January in Basle and, during plenary sessions and committee de-
liberations, will hear and assess reports on:
1. Tuition structure in the fields of Jewish studies, philosophy and philology.
2. The faculties of science and medicine.
3. Instruction formats in the areas of law, sociology, and economics.
4. Organizational and technical issues regarding the teaching staff, financial
funding, and physical preparations for the
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