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Whether I conceived the electron correctly in that paper is doubtful. Lorentz sus-
pects instability. It is, after all, the Poincaré pressure translated into the general the-
ory of
I am quite in suspense about your new
It is fabulously
strange how precisely electrodynamics holds in certain trains of thought while to-
tally failing in
My warm regards to you along with your wife and to de Sitter, yours,
I shall write to de Sitter separately.
P.S. Our English colleagues not only did excellent work but also behaved su-
perbly in the personal
Today I received a very kind letter even from Ed-
dington, in which he also mentions Mr.
So far I have just thanked
them in the Times in a short
because under the current conditions I did
not know whether a personal utterance was possible or desired. Now, however, I see
that these men really rise above the situation. In large part it is thanks to de Sitter
that I have this pleasure; he first introduced the theory to the English with his pa-
pers—quite aside from the novelties he
188. From Kornél Loewy (-Lánczos)[1]
Budapest, 3 December 1919
Highly esteemed Professor,
I take the liberty of forwarding to you the enclosed work with the respectful re-
quest that you generously give it your estimable
In it I attempted to
open a new avenue for the theory of electrons. Although the whole work—which
rests on the original principle of relativity—may, in the light of the general theory
of relativity, appear as an anachronism and the whole attempt a priori as having
miscarried, I do nevertheless believe I may claim some regard for the point of view
advocated here, even though it does arrive with 10 years’ delay. I certainly would
not have allowed the paper out of my hands at this incomplete stage without still
attempting to clarify a few important points if external circumstances had not com-
pelled me to wait no
It would be very important to me, for purely intel-
lectual reasons, to take up any opportunities that may arise to go abroad and, if ever
possible under the current difficult conditions, to find permanent residence there as
well. That is why I plan, above all, to try for a doctorate in theoretical physics, and
this, if my abilities suffice, at the University of Berlin. I therefore earnestly request
that you, highly esteemed Professor, give me your opinion in this regard and not
take offense at this disturbance. Thus, for me it would be a question of whether this
paper, with possibly a few additional elaborations and extensions, could be accep-
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