1. To Mileva Einstein-Maric; and Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, 10 January 1919]
Dear Mileva and dear Albert,
Your letter made me very happy. I would like to come back to the matter of the
when I return to Zurich. At the moment (until the 19th) I have
to leave on a business
If I can arrange it, I’ll go to Arosa for a couple of days
to see
When Adn arrived yesterday with the letter, I was
but they
didn’t look for me properly. My train leaves in 2 hours. As regards health, inciden-
tally, I am feeling infinitely better than last
Wishing you both pleasant days for now, yours,
Papa or Albert, resp.
2. To Hedwig and Max Born[1]
[Zuoz, canton of Graubünden, 15 January 1919]
[. .
With brilliant sunshine and sweet chocolate, it’s grand to read about the goings-
on in Berlin from up
Monday the schoolmastering
This nest Zuoz
is unbelievably attractive architecturally.
Warm greetings to you all, from your
We can’t return until about the 20th of
3. To Hedwig and Max Born
Arosa, [canton of Graubünden,] 19 January [1919]
[. .
Sparkling scenery and well-fed citizens who have nothing to fear. That is what
it looks like here. But God knows, I like people with cares, to whom the morrow
looms large with uncertainty. How will everything turn out? It’s difficult to take
one’s mind off the changed and still changing
I think it will turn out well,
as I see it, when calm is restored again. The young people who have experienced
all this won’t become bourgeois so soon.
Warm regards from your
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