D O C . 1 2 M A R C H 1 9 1 9 1 1
dynamics. In this regard I worked on Maxwell’s distribution law and, together with
Prof. Sommerfeld, on the theory of monatomic
This development was in-
terrupted by a return to the electrodynamic problem of my dissertation from a new
point of view. I was able to calculate the spectrum of the eigenfrequencies of a coil
in a very simple way, relatively speaking. With this paper I took my Habilitation
The resumption of my inquiry into statistical problems was brought to an
end by the outbreak of war. Throughout the duration of the war my military duties
left me very little time and energy for scientific analyses. Only toward the end of
the war did my situation improve; I addressed the problem of the structure of atom-
ic nuclei of hydrogen cores and electrons according to quantum theory. These ef-
forts arose from a paper on “an inverted Bohrian model of the
—A list of
my publications is
This hindrance by the war of my scientific activity is now, after the end of the
war, joined by another, if lesser hindrance, upon my assumption of an assistantship,
which I cannot avoid owing to my pecuniary situation. My current income from
this position totals, with the cost-of-living allowance, about 2500 marks, an
amount which meanwhile has proven inadequate at the present time. Since I am not
in a position to supplement this in the long run with money from private sources, a
stipend in an amount above that of an assistant’s salary would free me from the ob-
ligations of the assistantship and from the burden of financial worries.
I intend primarily to take up again the theory of monatomic gases, from the per-
spective of the quantization of the collision process. This would lead to the question
of treating nonperiodic processes according to quantum theory and, in connection
with this, to the problem of the nature of continuously distributed X-ray spectra. In
addition, I intend to continue the analyses on the feasibility of nuclear models ac-
cording to quantum theory, which has thus far referred to the first elements of the
periodic system, with a view toward the radioactive end of the periodic system.
For these analyses I take the liberty of applying to you respectfully for approval
of a stipend, if possible at a level above that of my present salary as assistant.
Respectfully and sincerely,
Dr. Wilh[elm] Lenz
Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Munich
Secretary’s note at head “Application by Dr. W. Lenz.”
12. From Arnold Sommerfeld
Munich, 25 March 1919
Dear Einstein,
I am launching a two-pronged attack on you.
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