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briefly in a few words. As you know, there is a second de Haas in Delft as
My son-in-law’s address is: “Rotterdamsche Weg.”
I very much hope that you personally are feeling well and that you receive good
news from Switzerland. The miserable conditions under which you must now live
are, I fear, damaging to your health; may it be possible for you to find some relax-
ation during the summer and please do tell me in your next letter something about
how you
It is truly depressing that it had to come to this in Germany today.
We are all doing well, the children and grandchildren too. The number of the lat-
ter rose a short while ago with the birth of a little “de Haas,” to be more precise, a
godchild of
All the Kamerlingh Onneses and Ehrenfests are
With cordial greetings also from my wife, I remain devotedly yours,
H. A. Lorentz.
35. To Theodor Kaluza
[Berlin,] 5 May 1919
Dear Colleague,
I am very willing to present an excerpt of your paper before the Academy for the
Sitzungsberichte.[1] Also, I should like to advise you to publish the manuscript sent
to me in a journal as well, for ex., in the Mathematische Zeitschrift or in the Anna-
len d[er] Physik. I shall be glad to submit it in your name wherever you wish and
write a few words of recommendation on it.
I have meanwhile managed to clear up the remaining obscure point myself. I did
understand what you wrote me in your letter of May 1st. But proof of the constancy
(to sufficient approximation) of on a geodesic line is also a part of it.[2] This
too I have now mastered. I now also believe that, from the point of view of realistic
experiments, your theory has nothing to fear. From the general point of view, only
one thing disturbs me. One requires:
1. General covariance in .
2. In combination with this, the relation not be covariant in .
This is, obviously, very unsatisfactory. But on the other hand, the formal unity
of your theory is astonishing. At all events, the latter is already valuable because

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