4 8 D O C . 5 8 J U N E 1 9 1 9
analysis of the cyanogen band lines does seem promising. For we have determined
that, after long exposure of the cyanogen spectrum, the intensity extremum of the
lines shows a mean displacement toward the violet, which indicates a structure for
lines shows a mean displacement toward the violet, which indicates a structure for
most lines in the direction of figure a here to the left. If this is the case, though, the
absorption line would then have to exhibit a struc-
ture according to figure b, and if it indicates a
redshift, this would then have to be too small a
measurement against the terrestrial light source in
conformity with the measurements by Schwarz-
schild, St. John, and
At the same time, these
deviations must come out differently, depending on the structure of the individual
lines, as is likewise confirmed by the experiment.
I would now like to request, provided the K.W.I. will grant the petitioned 2000
marks, that it be possible to apply this sum toward procuring a Hartmann micro-
photometer, which I assume can be obtained at this price, whereas the Koch instru-
ment, based on information by Mr. Freundlich, would require 8–10,000 marks. The
Hartmann instrument would also suffice for the indicated purpose, even though
measurement with it is much more complicated.
We are going to publish the existing results of our measurements preliminarily
and in this way hope to be able to show at least that the conclusion by
Schwarzschild and St. John that the theoretical effect does not occur is, in any
event, not secure, even though we are not yet able to prove the contrary unequivo-
In expressing my utmost respect, I am devotedly,
Prof. L. Grebe.
58. From David Hilbert[1]
Göttingen, Whitmonday [9 June] 1919
Dear Colleague,
In your last note, which is obviously very interesting to me (10 April
cannot see how eq. (4a), p. 352, is accomplished—unless is taken to be =
. Perhaps my misconception may be removed by a line from you, for
which I would be very
I was very pleased to hear that you are feeling very well. What a pity that I have
not seen you for so long—not even in Switzerland, where I was staying just recent-
ly again for 6
viol. red
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