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83. From Hedwig Kohn
2 August 1919
[Not selected for translation.]
84. From Fritz Haber
[Lucerne, after 3 August
Dear Einstein,
Just now I find your letters & I reply on the same sheet of paper because I don’t
have any fresh ones.
I am extremely pleased that you are staying, quite exceptionally
The ar-
rangement about which you are keeping silent has long been known to me. As
regards its precariousness, I have been racking my brain about why you see it that
way. I concede that today all economic matters seem more insecure than we had
ever thought. But so long as Switzerland remains the orderly democratic state it is,
with its conventional economic system, the enterprise and your position toward it
seem to me secure &
Personally, though, I think more highly of the
stability & reliability of Switzerland than of any of its neighboring countries.
I have spoken with the Pruss. government and with Planck and plan to speak
with Koppel
To the government and to Planck I proposed that the state &
the Academy together give you a 5000-mark raise in
The government is
ready to do so, as is Planck, and we are going to arrange it. I shall discuss with Kop-
pel, as I have already agreed with the government and with Planck & Nernst, that
we increase your earnings as director of the KWI to 8000 and set aside 2000 marks
for your business
I proposed these figures after mature reflection on
your situation and in the interest of the state, the offer made by Switzerland, as well
as the situation as a whole. I would not divulge them to you if I did not fear that you
would hear about them from your wife and then, following your first impulse, make
the mistake of meddling into it with a repudiative type of stance. That would be act-
ing in an unfriendly way toward me. If you should have the idea, which I do think
you are capable of, that you do not like so much money, then you are always free
to apply what has been granted you toward the projects of the institute you are di-
recting. But this has to be approved
I must insist upon it. In the meantime,
let me appeal to your loyalty & friendship that you will not stand in my way & will
let my absence contribute toward your self-castigation. I set value on your being
quiet about your supplementary income and being content with knowing about my
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