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proposals without refusing them. The government will soon be paying you 3000
marks again for the time being, and the remainder will manifest itself after my
So give me a sound scolding, but don’t annoy me, because I am supposed to be
relaxing & must have my way.
Cordially yours,
Greetings to your dear wife.
85. From Otto Lummer
4 August 1919
[Not selected for translation.]
86. To Pauline Einstein
[Zurich,] Thursday. [7 August
Dear Mother,
Just before taking my leave of Zurich, this letter. Tonight I am going to be with
my friend Habicht in
tomorrow it’s onwards via Sigmaringen to
Mr. Brandhuber, with whom I’m staying only briefly in order to make good on an
I spent three more fine days here with Albert, in which we played
much music, worked on the flying machine, and yesterday went sailing in a stiff
Yesterday evening from 6–7, I had a taste of Uncle, Ogden, Alice, the old
Mrs. Steinhardt, Robert, and
Supper at home subsequently revived my
optimism and strength. Those are abhorrent people, devoid of substance; only
Alice is really of the better sort. I am leaving here with greater reassurance because
I know you are in such excellent care in a neutral setting where nothing can disturb
The main thing is that you let yourself calmly finish the cure and stay in
good spirits. Then hopefully it won’t be so long before you can travel to

Yesterday I also met Edith, who is very nice to me, although gratitude naturally
does play a part, owing to the doctoral
Now I quickly better get down to packing, or else I’ll miss my train. Best regards
also to Maja &
Friendly greetings to the nurse, also to Mrs.
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