1 2 2 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 3 7 0 e
Sei mit Margot geküsst von Deinem
Beste Grüsse an
ferner auch an den Herrn Spatz sowie Samson und
Die Agarase besorge
wenn ich nach Zürich komme. Die Nachricht von
Frau H. über ihren
freute mich ausserordentlich. Grüsse beide bestens.
ALS. [143 058]. Written on the verso of a letter from Maja Winteler-Einstein to Elsa Einstein
[143 058.1].
[1]This letter is dated on the assumption that it was written on the same day as the text on the verso,
which is dated “13 - VIII - 17.”
[2]F. Abbé, Einstein’s landlord at Wittelsbacherstrasse, may have released Einstein early from his
rental agreement, a condition on which Einstein had insisted three weeks earlier. The Meissners were
prospective new landlords (see Vol. 8, Doc. 369a, in the present volume).
[3]Perhaps a meeting of the literary society, to which Alexander Moszkowski belonged (see Alex-
ander Moszkowski to Einstein, 1 February 1917 [Vol. 8, Doc. 292]). For previous instances of Ein-
stein’s opinion of Moszkowski, see Vol. 8, Docs. 364c and 370b, in the present volume.
[4]Einstein had planned to stay with Camillus Brandhuber (see preceding document).
[5]Einstein had been visiting his sister in Lucerne since 24 July to convalesce from his gastric ill-
ness (see Vol. 8, Doc. 364a, in the present volume). In her letter to Elsa on the recto of this document,
Maja Winteler-Einstein explained that Einstein would need to stay on for a while to gain more weight
in preparation for the coming lean winter (“den magern Winter”); see Maja Winteler-Einstein to Elsa
Einstein, 13 August 1917 [143 058.1]).
[6]Returning from their trip, on which they had just recently departed (see Vol. 8, Doc. 370c, in the
present volume).
[7]On Einstein’s plans to meet for a rendezvous outside of Berlin, see Vol. 8, Doc. 370c, in the
present volume.
[8]Pauline Einstein traveled to Weggis in early August to vacation there with her brother, Jacob
Koch (see Vol. 8, Doc. 365a, in the present volume).
[9]Pauline Einstein had kept house for her brother in Berlin for a number of years after his wife’s
death in 1914 (see Einstein to Elsa Löwenthal, after 11 February 1914 [Vol. 5, Doc. 510]).
[10]A reference to his previous plans to obtain a divorce from Mileva Einstein-Maric; (see Vol. 8,
Doc. 370b, in the present volume).
[11]Einstein had agreed that Eduard remain in the Pedolin sanatorium in Arosa for the time being
(see Vol. 8, Doc. 364c, in the present volume). In early June, Einstein had expressed his concern to
Heinrich Zangger about the rising cost of his family’s expenses in Switzerland (see Vol. 8, Doc. 349a,
in the present volume). The rate of exchange was 0.62 marks to 1 Swiss franc (see Vossische Zeitung,
13 August 1917, Morning Edition).
[12]Milos; (1846–1922) and Marija (1847–1935) Maric; in Novi Sad.
[13]Michele Besso.
[14]Hans Albert Einstein.
[15]Mileva Einstein-Maric;.
[16]Ida Einstein was the divorced wife of Einstein’s uncle, Jakob Einstein; Edith, her daughter
(1888–1960), had enrolled as a student in the Philosophical Faculty II at the University of Zurich on
2 May 1916 (see no. 24230 in Matrikelbuch, SzZSa, UU 24a 5).
[17]Maja Winteler-Einstein and Paul Winteler.
[18]Rudolf Einstein.
[19]The household pets (see Vol. 8, Doc. 370c, in the present volume).
[20]Agar, a thickener in food and cream, with a base of dried red algae.
[21]Perhaps Auguste Hochberger (1867–1936), a close friend of Einstein’s mother, Pauline, and her
son, Siegfried (1887–?).
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