V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 3 7 3 a , 3 7 4 a 7 7
I’m going to write to my wife myself; I recently wrote her and also received let-
ters from
Feel free to tell her that I had written you and that we had been in
direct touch with each other. I’d like to propose to you that we have Tete brought
to Mrs. Stahel as of the 1st of September, provided he has to continue to stay in
Arosa for months (for reasons of
Your silence shows me that you re-
ally did pay for Tete for the month of July out of your own pocket. I’ll send you the
money as soon as I’m back in Berlin.
I have failed again in my resolve to return already, after all. Too much speaks for
a longer stay; even the reports coming from Berlin make me hesitate.
Cordial greetings! Yours,
Vol. 8, 373a. To Elsa Einstein
[Lucerne,] Wednesday. [22 August 1917]
Dear Else,
Thank God that Ilse is on the wing again. I hope the two will have finally left the
So I am going to allow my passport to expire and shall stay here in Septem-
ber, welcoming your courageous resolve with
Around the 1st of September
we shall try it Mama’s
The peculiar letter by the doctor from Stuttgart
amused me very much. The facts he provides are naturally genuine doctor’s
Recently I caught a cold in
with accompanying stomach
all is right again, though. My writing laziness is growing again; but
I do think that, on the whole, I have earned a good mark. Your malicious interpre-
tation of the motives behind my letter is a devilish
Kisses from your
How disconsolate the little chick Margot will be when Mama hen flies
she will sing her song of sorrow with Samson and
Send her my best re-
gards, also to
On September 11, I’ll be in Zurich at the mathematicians’
conference where Hilbert is giving a
Vol. 8, 374a. To Elsa Einstein
[Lucerne,] Thursday. [23 August 1917]
Dear Else,
You’ve received my second telegram, I hope. All of the travel plans were upset
again by a letter from Brandhuber that he is expecting me on September
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