9 4 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 4 9 6 a
insufferably impertinent and presumptuous tone that Anna assumed toward
The help was well meant and gladly granted but so painful and disagreeable to me
that I prefer the worst mix-up. It was my mistake to have asked her to do something
inappropriate for her. She doesn’t have the conciliatory manner necessary for
smoothing the waves of passion, nor the ability to understand her dear neighbors.
She responds to virtually everything simply with moral indignation. But it was my
mistake to ask her to do such a thing, and I thank her again for fulfilling my request.
I am trying always to settle everything directly with my wife
She is cur-
rently acting remarkably well and reasonably with me and she will certainly not
suffer by it this way.– But enough of the misery of private life. From Dostoevsky I
read the memoirs The House of Death with fondness and admiration and intend to
read everything else by
He reconciles, without hoodwinking life’s tribula-
tions. I hope you don’t let the Poly spoil your pleasure in
Do what you
find interesting and don’t waste away out of a bleak sense of duty. Don’t let your-
self be impressed, either, by the masses of things that are being preached at you.
Almost all of it is bound to be forgotten. But delight in science is among the most
precious things there are; it also lasts one’s whole life long. It’s a crying shame that
Weyl is leaving
He is a great master.
I am looking forward to seeing you very much at the beginning of July. I’ll be
coming then to strengthen my insides a little in the high mountains. Calm Anna
down, and cordial greetings also to your two elders from your
Zangger’s tragedy affected me
Vol. 8, 496a. To Mileva Einstein-Maric;
[Berlin, 3 April 1918]
Dear Miza,
Yesterday a local
friend of mine assured me that divorces in Zurich are
very long-winded whereas here one can do it in 3 weeks with little expense and ef-
fort in a single session! There is also the consideration that the divorce on the
grounds of “adultery with Elsa” wouldn’t help me because of the interdiction to re-
marriage attached to the
But here we could execute the business easily
with a stand-in who takes the adultery upon himself for convenience. The main
thing for you is that the divorce occurs on the basis of the contract agreed with
Zürcher; where the formality takes place is of no consequence, however. I am very
willing to submit to you the claim in advance in order to assure your approval.
Please talk this wish of mine over with Dr. Zürcher; he will surely also find it
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