1 2 2 V O L U M E 9 , D O C U M E N T S 7 0 a , 7 0 b
Best regards from your
Greetings to the children, the parents, and Mrs.
Vol. 9, 70a. To Elsa Einstein
[Zurich,] Thursday. [3 July 1919]
Dear Else,
I still haven’t had a sign of life from all of you. So you won’t have any from me
either. So you’re going to
But it can’t be helped! This morning, police [reg-
istry], etc. Tomorrow before noon again. This afternoon, at home in my room (stud-
ied). Thought up the method for Edith’s
This evening, Phys. Soc.;
Meissner is presenting a
Tomorrow the course
Tomorrow evening
alone at
Met Mrs. Weyl and—didn’t recognize
It’s almost always
raining. Haven’t seen any acquaintances until now—happy solitude. Always rest
after the meal until 4 o’clock. Your training was successful. Always go to bed early.
There can’t be anything more solid than living alone in Zurich (rhyme). Therefore
venture out alone, leave the good wife well at home.
Heartfelt greetings from your
Greetings to the children, parents, and Mrs.
Vol. 9, 70b. To Elsa Einstein
[Zurich,] Friday evening. [4 July 1919]
Dear Else,
Still no sign of life from all of you & I’m writing every day. This evening I was
at the
which was very nice; I was all alone there. The course is being
very well attended. Before that I was alone throughout the day, quite contrary to my
earlier habit
Weyl is suffering of
today he was in bed. I went
quickly to see him with Meyer after the lecture. Along the way I met Mrs.
with whom we conversed a little. I am feeling well; just the thought of my mother’s
ordeals plague
Send me a telegram so that I can at least see that you are receiving my messages.
Heartfelt greetings, yours,
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