V O L U M E 9 , D O C U M E N T S 8 4 a , 8 6 a 1 3 1
shouldn’t be forwarded to me but to Miss
It’s about
Mama is doing reasonably well. She’s in excellent care
I spend almost all day with her and read the papers to her, write letters, etc.
Erzberger’s and Müller’s revelations must be doing some
etc.). I send my cordial regards to the
Now I’m looking forward to our be-
ing together again, even if it takes a little
Heartfelt greetings from your
Vol. 9, 84a. To Elsa Einstein
[Zurich,] Monday morning. Train [4 August 1919]
Dear Else,
I’m on the return trip to
Yesterday evening I saw Mrs. Haber; he hadn’t
arrived yet. I left him a letter. The matter isn’t
I’m not going accepting
at Zurich, if there’s no pressing necessity to do
Mama is entering a quieter
Her passionate will to live has diminished noticeably. Injections and suf-
fering are numbing. Existence doesn’t seem to be agonizing anymore. So I can
leave more heartened. She doesn’t complain anymore about her inability to move.
The ability to suffer likewise diminishes with the progressing illness.
I’m staying 3–4 more days in Zurich, also in order to make all the preparations
for the journey. My health continues to be good. I’m very eager to see you again. I
didn’t see Oppenh[eim] again but wrote him once
I’m bringing provisions
and stockings along with me. We’ll see if
comes to see us next year.
Greetings & a kiss, yours,
You will be, by now, quite alone. I think that we will both also leave Berlin for
a little while. Until now I had everything except relaxation. The mirage of a sailboat
is coming up to us again. You must also train for it.
Vol. 9, 86a. To Elsa Einstein
Benzingen, Saturday. [9 August 1919]
Dear Else,
How unsettled you are! Miza was in Rheinfelden the whole
I left the day
before yesterday at midday, she arrived Thursday (the same) evening. I’m firmly
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