1 3 2 V O L U M E 9 , D O C U M E N T 8 7 a
resolved to stay in Berlin. I didn’t manage to speak with Haber. There’s time for
that in
Yesterday evening the priest and Inge collected me in
Veringendorf by
The trip was exhausting, thanks to the border
Umbrella and stockings are safe. For them, I left my comb and my hair-
brush in Schaffhausen at the
It’s beautiful here. On Thursday I’ll be
departing with
and Inge and by human calculation should be with you in
Berlin on Friday.
Warm regards, yours,
I didn’t write the children but they’ll have left by
I wrote Mrs.
from Zurich as soon as I received your postcard.
Vol. 9, 87a. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, after 15 August
Dear Papa,
I am very sorry that this nice
should have ended with an annoyance.
But I don’t believe that you left your things here. I inquired at the boarding
and there was nothing there; it cannot be the laundry, because Bertha did the wash-
ing, and
also did not take it, since nothing else has ever been missing yet.
Also, Bertha thinks she saw the tie while packing, and it is quite probable that ev-
erything disappeared together. I would much rather believe that it must have gotten
lost during your trip, e.g., at the customs
makes the suggestion that as a replacement you perhaps take a few
pieces of laundry from earlier, which Mama intends to have mended. Have you al-
ready asked the southern German
whether it isn’t there?
The little
is finished now with a simple motor; the double-motor is too
heavy aft. The wheels are also not strong enough, and I still have to change them;
and then it still has to go on a test flight. I think that the motor is not suitable for
actual operation, since it already runs out just as the little plane attains its full speed.
I won’t see until the test flight (which I’m terrified of) exactly how things stand.
Lots of love from
P.S. Please don’t be upset about it; maybe you also left something in Lucerne. In
any case, we would like to provide you with what is here.
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