V O L U M E 9 , D O C U M E N T S 1 5 1 a , 1 5 2 a 1 3 9
Ehrenfest’s lively mind and versatility are admirable. We play music together daily.
Tomorrow we’re going to the Academy in
I already told you that
Eddington found the theory exactly
Hearty greetings to all of
from your
My health is splendid. I don’t even feel a
I intend to be with you again on
Sunday (2nd Nov.).
Vol. 9, 151a. To Elsa Einstein
[Leyden,] Sunday, 26 October 1919
Dear Else,
Yesterday Lorentz spoke at the Academy in my presence about the foundations
of grav. theory and Eddington’s
I wrote the latter from here.
is taking touchingly good care of me; I don’t even have to deliver a talk. On Sunday
I’m returning home. Yesterday I walked around much with Ehrenfest in Amster-
dam, also the Jewish quarter. In the evening we visited a female bachelor, prof. of
botany, where it was very relaxed and
She had also studied in Zurich
(& Berne). We spent today comfortably here.
Now, after your postcard, the matter with Mama is
So we’ll take it
upon ourselves. You are a brave woman. But I am sorry that it will now have to be
so hard for you; Maja is behaving quite strangely. She acts as if her conduct were
self-explanatory. For all her erudition she doesn’t do her share as I had expected of
her. Planck wrote me very nicely about Rostock that we should spend the time
He’s also going there. I hope my pretty card to Frau
will ar-
Heartfelt greetings to you and to all of you from your
Vol. 9, 152a. To Elsa Einstein
[Leyden,] Tuesday [28 October 1919]
Dear Else,
I still have nothing from you but definitely believe that it got stuck somewhere.
Today we’re going to Utrecht to tour an
The day after tomorrow I’ll be
It continues to be unusually nice at our place; yesterday evening
we visited Kamerlingh
in his study and talked shop. Everyone is unusu-
ally hospitable and friendly.
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