8 V O L U M E 5 , D O C U M E N T 2 6 7 a
difference exists not with respect to the result but only with respect to the founda-
tion, on which one grounds the consideration.
If you are going to publish your note, it is my duty to also express my own point
of view publicly, because my silence might be interpreted as agreement, and be-
cause I believe that your note could create confusion. I therefore ask you to let me
know whether you still want to publish it, and in which journal I should publish my
With all high respect & and with best greetings your
A. Einstein
Vol. 5, 267a. To Heinrich Zangger
Prague, Thursday [before 1 June
Dear Mr. Zangger,
You are a splendid fellow to take up the telegraph administration matter so
promptly. I am prepared to do whatever might make me useful in this affair. So use
me as you see fit in this regard. I am mainly informed about the goings on in
Chavan’s office & am persuaded that things were done with a complete lack of cir-
cumspection and conscientiousness, so any state controls of the material delivered
was quite illusory & the work by the office
Good suggestions advanced
on the part of Chavan always sailed straight into the wastepaper basket, and he per-
sonally was harassed and neutralized. All evidence points to lack of expertise on
the part of Chavan’s superiors, since Chavan saved everything in writing for fear
that the facts might be distorted. It will be argued against me as an expert that I
could not pass as being objective, owing to personal connections. But they will
surely be allowed to interview me; I wouldn’t hesitate to travel to Switzerland
(from mid-July onward, when my vacation
Your faint hints, which you
give me in place of more precise information, only make me cross. That’s not how
one dangles bait. But I earnestly ask you please to visit me in Prague at Pentecost
and be our
Then I hope to worm the secrets out of you and, on the side,
show you the wonderfully beautiful city, the city of these barbarians. The culture
of these people really is backward. I haven’t discovered any true scientific interest
among my colleagues yet, only a kind of arrogance. I close in the hope of seeing
you here very soon!
Cordial regards, yours,
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