V O L U M E 5 , D O C U M E N T S 3 4 9 a , 3 4 9 b 9
Vol. 5, 344. To Heinrich Zangger
Prague, 27 January
[Not selected for translation.]
Vol. 5, 349a. To Heinrich Zangger
[before February
Dear Mr. Zangger,
You recently showed me a relation on heat of vaporization. Wasn’t it =
independent of temperature? If this isn’t approximately right, then my thing on cap-
illarity is
Please jot down for me, if possible, where that article (I think
it was in English) can be found. Do you remember what it was that I grumbled
about? Youth ends quickly...
With cordial regards, yours,
Vol. 5, 349b. To Robert Heller[1]
Prague, 1 February 1912
Dear Mr. Heller,
Your little card gave me great pleasure. In the summer I shall soon be breathing
the free air of Zurich again! I am enormously happy & will never forget that I owe
all this solely to my dear friend Zangger. What is bothering
I note from his
letters that he is
How might one do him a little favor? He is surely very
isolated and is being aggravated a lot. He will not be given due credit until he turns
his back on Zurich
I am glad that we shall soon be able to resume our relaxed relations again.[5] In
the meantime, best regards from your
Best regards also from my wife.
Hearty greetings to Mr. Zangger.
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