V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 2 1 0 a , 2 1 1 a 2 3
A kiss from your
Affectionate greetings to Ilse and Margot, likewise to Uncle &
Vol. 8, 210a. To Elsa Einstein
[Zurich,] Saturday. [8 April 1916]
My Dear Else,
I hope my communications to you are reaching you better than yours reach me;
for I haven’t received anything yet from Berlin. Tomorrow I’m going with my
on the excursion. We are walking Albis–Zuger Lake–Vierwaldstätter
Today I received a letter from
in which she denies
having declared herself ready to file a divorce
At the same time she request-
ed discussing this in person. I rejected this and encouraged her by letter to file the
Today I went on a sailing trip with
Life here is very unsettling
for me, because I know so many who make a personal claim on my time. Today I
had an interesting scientific idea. That means work again in Berlin. I wrote Ludwig
Kraft a
This evening I was at Neter’s, who is very
I be-
lieve I’ve arranged everything well. He’s not such a bad sort. Besso is very nice to
me. He doesn’t make the slightest effort to give me advice, nor do I encourage him
to do so at all either.
Kisses from your
Greet Ilse and Margot affectionately for me. Also give my regards to Uncle &
Aunt. Maja is at Lake Lugano but should be coming home
Vol. 8, 211a. To Elsa Einstein
Zug. Monday. [10 April 1916]
My dear Else,
Yesterday I went on the
with the boy and am enjoying very much being
with him. He is kindhearted, trusting, and surprisingly eager to learn and intelli-
gent. My relationship with him is becoming very warm. Everything is fine except
for the weather. That’s why we’re not going to Vierwaldstätter Lake for the time
Kisses from your
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