V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 2 4 7 a 2 7
dear boys in the future as well. I tell you this so that you understand my anxious
hesitancy. If, however, you and my friend Zangger deem my coming desirable in
the interest of the little ones, then I would come as soon as you, with your better
insight into the circumstances, consider it appropriate.
In sending you my best wishes, I remain in deep appreciation, yours,
A. Einstein.
Vol. 8, 247a. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin,] 3 August
Dear friend Zangger,
I just received your long letter and am happy beyond words that such a kind spir-
it is hovering over my family there. But you really shouldn’t take the children in,
because a decent housemaid is there and my Albert really is quite reliable already,
particularly in taking care of his little brother. The maid could keep a household ac-
count, and some trustworthy person could take a look at the book and give the maid
housekeeping money and general instructions. Not only will it work that way, but
Albert and the maid will even learn something in the process. My wife should be
sent to the Theodosianum as soon as possible, if only to let you leave in peace on
vacation.[2] The maid would then be relieved. She has had much to do in any case.
You shouldnÊt miss any of your hard-earned holidays. Just so you know, I can tell
you that in the past two years I have saved about 10,000 marks, so you don’t need
to worry about costs. The possibility of putting aside substantial sums for my chil-
dren is one of the best things about my position here. If I live for a few more years,
the children’s education will be adequately provided for.– Do you have a clearer
picture of the nature of my wife’s illness yet?[3] I don’t understand the condition in
the least (“understand” meant in the simplest sense of the word).
Unfortunately, I again could not completely read many things in your letter. The
regulations of August 1st don’t bother me much.[4] I won’t have to walk around na-
ked, since I have a sufficient supply of clothes and my aesthetic demands in this
regard are minimal. My insight into human nature does not teach me very much
that’s of interest. Taking events as they come, like hail heaven-sent, a helpless
yearning for peace, a lack of understanding of the causal relations and of the psy-
chology of others all the way up to the elite intellectual “know-it-alls” (and loud-
mouths), wistful conviction in one’s own integrity and others’ depravity, in short,
stupidity and still more stupidity. Even the financial robber barons you are com-
plaining about are no worse than the others. They are acting—like the others—in
compliance with the training that has fallen to their lot, and consider themselves
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