3 4 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 2 7 6 a , 2 7 8 a
Besso is depressed because he can’t find a job; what can be done about
I don’t
know. I can’t assess his abilities with regard to his teaching talent.
Vol. 8, 276a. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin,] 16 November 1916
Dear friend Zangger,
It troubles me that you have to be in bed again. What’s ailing you? Besso writes
nothing about
Hearty thanks for the compilation of the
The recently
transferred 1400 francs were exclusively for the regular upkeep (October through
December). The 1061.15 francs will follow separately in the coming
wife’s condition unfortunately still seems to be quite unstable; so at least they
should not be short on funds. What you write about the boys makes me happy. I
wrote Albert many times; but he inherited the writing diligence of his two parents.
This is a natural process which I shouldn’t complain about. Just like I am not writ-
ing a book, neither is he writing me. I shall be glad to write to R. Rolland when you
relay his address to me. The recognition of his artistic achievements by the Nobel
Committee is at least a small plaster on his wounds, but no more than a small
But maybe great things will come to pass so that he becomes reconciled with fate;
I lay my trust in that.
Warm greetings and the best of health! Yours,
I hope Huguenin is
Vol. 8, 278a. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, before 26 November
Dear Papa,
I received your postcard and did not reply to it sooner because I always have very
Mama has come home again in the meantime and has a nurse.
We are tremendously happy. When Mama came home, we had a celebration. I had
practiced a sonata by Mozart, and Tete had learned a song. We are very glad that
Mama is here again, for we are not so
Mama can at least listen while I'm
playing the piano and does Latin a bit with me. It’s much nicer this way. We are
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