V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 3 0 8 a 4 5
such with a single word. Considering the psychological state of the perpetrator,
however, he the act it seems that one deals rather with a tragic accident than with
a crime.
Few would know Mr. Adler as well as I. We were
I know Mr. Adler him since we both studied theoretical physics 20 years ago
in Zurich. A few years ago he was still my closest colleague as lecturer in this field
at the University of Zurich; at that time we were also housemates. I have come to
know Adler in these years as a example man of honorable character, of an al-
most unique self-sacrifice.
I have Few are known to me who are as unconditionally reliable and honest as
he, who devote their energy as much for impersonal matters and with such an over-
coming of their own wishes.
So as not to inexcusably omit Under these circumstances I fulfill an imperative
duty if I now ask you with all my heart, Your Majesty, to make use of the right to
pardon, in case Adler is sentenced to death. A valuable life could thus be preserved.
Vol. 8, 308a. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin, before 10 March
Dear friend Zangger,
You are fretting too much on my behalf. One package arrived safely, the other
I will try to file a complaint at the post office. But nowadays the mail is
very unreliable. Much is being stolen and nothing is being refunded. Let’s hope
it still turns up. I will not fail to try everything. Boas seems not to have reported to
Perhaps you just received the medical statement from him but not
the personal report. He promised to send you one. I think that he is surely right
insofar as the sick liver is concerned. But I don’t believe it about the gallstones. I
don’t have cramplike attacks with sudden stabs of intolerable pain. Incidentally, the
pain has been plaguing me on and off since I was an adult. It evidently involves an
old complaint that is long-entrenched and got worse in the last few years (weight
loss, bad appearance). Since the diet, the pain is gone. It used to come like this: light
pressure in the liver region in the morning upon waking. Throughout the day,
gradual increase in pain, eventually to such a degree that I had to lie down. Rapidly
better after lying down in bed. My appearance is still bad but a little better since the
diet. Hands always cold. I am being very well cared for. My relatives are nursing
me excellently. My cousin cooks everything personally and—what is much more
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