5 6 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 3 5 0 a , 3 5 2 a
Vol. 8, 350a. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin,] 12 June 1917
Dear Zangger!
Many thanks for the letter. The letter from my Albert was the greatest joy I’ve
had for the past
I sense with bliss the intimate tie between us. I cannot de-
scribe how eager I am to see him again. I received a prize of 1,500 crowns from the
which we can use for Tete’s cure in
At the begin-
ning of July I am coming to Zurich, then we can talk over everything. I’m not going
to Tarasp; you yourself will become convinced that my illness is not situated in the
It seems that what I need most is physical and mental peace and I plan to
spend the vacation primarily at my sister’s in Lucerne. But beforehand I am going
with Albert to Arosa to see Tete.
Warm greetings from your
A. Einstein.
Vol. 8, 352a. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin,] 17 June 1917
Dear friend Zangger,
Your letter pleased me very much, mainly because you aren’t nearly as angry at
me as I expected or
But I did not believe I could do otherwise because the
financial affairs were threatening to take a turn toward the impossible. If the apart-
ment is now properly rented
and if Tete’s stay in this sanatorium is not for
more than 3 months, I see no immediate
When I come to Zurich around
6–8 July, we can think about everything together. You’ll then see that it’s not bour-
geois pettiness that makes me so obsessed. Affairs also need to be arranged so that
you are no longer burdened as much as lately. You are one of those people who have
too little egoism; this is a fine fault, but a fault nonetheless.
I am currently trying to obtain my travel permit, which is no small matter. But
they won’t be able to deprive me of this legitimate trip, if I set the right levers in
motion. At the present time I’m working very little and lie outside very much, al-
most never walk. This prescribed lifestyle of mine sets my corpse into a visibly bet-
ter condition. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be allowed to walk around much in
Switzerland, either, but must save every step that can be avoided. I write you this
so that no excursions are planned that I won’t be able to execute. I feel sorry for my
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