V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 3 6 1 e , 3 6 1 f 6 3
enough! On Saturday or Sunday we are returning to Zurich, where Zangger wants
to keep me under observation for a couple of days
Then I’m going, with
or without Albert, to Lucerne for a couple of
It is still uncertain whether
I must then go to Tarasp as well (for
I hope we can meet in southern
Kisses from your
Vol. 8, 361e. To Heinrich Zangger
Arosa Monda Tuesday. [17 July 1917]
Dear Zangger,
Yesterday after safe arrival and a splendid trip we visited
He looks com-
pletely healthy, is lively, but not nervous. Dr. P[edolin] says the glands are infected,
a stay of a whole year is
Care evidently unobjectionable. But the in-
stitution seems to me too
I visited Mrs. Stahel today with Albert; I
liked it there very much. Just a few children, like a small family. Cost 6 ½ francs,
as of the fall 7
If the boy should stay here for a year, which P. might be
right about (only you can judge that), then we could consider bringing Tetel there
later. Today we had fine weather and could enjoy the fabulous view from Arosa in
brilliant sunshine.
Warm greetings to you and yours, from your
Vol. 8, 361f. To Elsa Einstein
[Arosa,] Thursday. [19 July 1917]
Dear Else,
It’s wonderful up here; I wish you could also have the
Gorgeous na-
ture and food on demand! Both my children give me much joy; fine, intelligent
boys. I don’t believe that there’s anything wrong with the little
but all pre-
cautions should be taken. I’m also spending much time with the Hurwitz family;
the ice melted as soon as they saw that I was the same as
I’m feeling re-
markably well, despite lying down very little and puttering about a lot. The moun-
tain-air myth does seem to have some truth to it, after all. On Sunday I
unfortunately have to go back down again, maybe already on Saturday. I’m often
alone with my little boy, because Albert goes on longer walks with the young Hur-
The little one is very mischievous and is already a bookworm, in that
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