6 6 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 3 6 4 c , 3 6 4 d
Vol. 8, 364c. To Elsa Einstein
[Lucerne,] Thursday. [26 July 1917]
Dear Else,
I’m writing to you nonstop, yet you wail about neglect! The post is simply op-
erating irregularly. Zangger has made exactly the same diagnosis as Rosenheim, so
don’t grumble
Tarasp would only come into consideration after a
full recovery of the stomach, for
It is quite certain that I’ll not be
going there; so never fear. When I come across the border again, e.g., end of Au-
gust, let’s meet in
You must enjoy yourself once too. Don’t worry con-
stantly about the future! A bird in hand is worth two in the bush! Don’t send letters.
They were returned because the censors don’t conduct such voluminous
is deluding himself in vain about the institute. I do not intend to engage
anyone and, frankly speaking, also don’t want to have him. I did know who was
there at the meeting at the time, but forgot
I don’t want Moszkowski to
drag me before the public as a private person (a novel!); he can satisfy his muse on
whatever else he wishes, of
That I’m not as attached to you as you to me
is slander! At the end of August I’ll be with you again, even if it means going hun-
gry. Miza is still bedridden but supposedly looks quite all right, and it is believed
that she will learn how to walk again if she makes an
Tete is very comical,
red cheeked, and looks robust. But the glandular infection has been established ob-
jectively by X ray. The doctor is sure that his health will be fully restored. The fever
is gone, although his temperature is not quite as steady as for a healthy child. He is
staying in Arosa for the time being with my
Health goes before money.
But later he should go to Mrs. Stahel’s, which would still cost 7
I’ve be-
come convinced that this isn’t too much, at today’s prices.
Kiss from your
Vol. 8, 364d. To Elsa Einstein
Lucerne, Saturday. Morning [28 July
Dear Else,
I’m spending my days pleasantly but adhering to the strictest medical
Nobody comes to disturb the idyll. Uncle Jakob is also here, but he nev-
er comes up here to us because it’s too far for
I recline almost all day long
and study. Today Albert is going away with
until Sunday to climb a moun-
Mama is cleaning vegetables right now, Maja is doing the shopping, Pauli
is at the
Albert is getting potatoes, and I am lying under the great linden
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