V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 3 6 9 a 6 9
rest of the envisaged year with Mrs. Stahel. I was there and came away with a very
favorable impression of the lady and her small institution, housing just a few chil-
dren. The price now is 6 ½ francs, as of the fall 7
Perhaps you could make
more inquiries about the lady. It would have to happen early because she has no
room right now and so advance registration is necessary.
The stay here is excellent. I would wish you the same peace. Albert left here yes-
terday evening because his mother wanted
He was enjoying himself. Mentally
he has developed well but is somewhat rough emotionally, particularly in his be-
havior toward me; this is grounded in the circumstances.
Now I wish you a good recovery and an enjoyable
Please send me
your vacation address. Cordial regards, yours,
Puzzle: How did I happen to write on two sheets? Hint: The sheets come from a
single pad.
Vol. 8, 369a. To Elsa Einstein
Lucerne, Monday. [6 August 1917]
Dear Else,
Communication is so sluggish, owing to the miserable postal connections, that
we’re almost losing the
I had a visit the other day from Michele, Anna,
which was very enjoyable and entertaining, despite the miserable
weather. Michele is still here. Zangger is in Tarasp on holiday; he also has trouble
with his
Maja and
are leading a very happy life and are incom-
parably good to me. What a pity that you can’t come to
We shall sim-
ply meet in
then or somewhere else around the first of September.
By then Aunt and Ilse will have returned and then you must also have some
Have you also spoken with the Meissners about the apartment, so that
I don’t end up falling between two
I relay my thanks to Ilse for the kind
postcard. I have become convinced that postcards & letters have gotten lost. So
don’t make such an exact reckoning with me. My health is steadily
I shall
prepare myself as well as possible for the winter. If only I could share some of this
with you as well!
Kisses also to Margot from your
I am already eager to share house again with my three
[. .
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