The editors have benefited greatly from the assistance of many individuals and
institutions. We extend our thanks to the members of the Executive Committee, and
to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The ongoing support of Harold McGraw,
Jr., is deeply appreciated. Generous assistance was provided by the Provost’s office
at the California Institute of Technology, and by its Virgle L. Hedgcoth and Susan
Alexander Fund. We thank Dr. Lisbeth Rausing, Dr. Peter Baldwin, and the Arca-
dia Foundation of London for their interest and generosity in supporting our work.
We gratefully acknowledge support from the National Endowment for the Human-
ities. Many thanks also to the Pieter Zeeman Foundation in Amsterdam.
Our activities and well-being at Caltech have been furthered by the assistance
and generosity of Susan Davis, Jonathan Katz, Paul Jennings, Gail Nash, Ed
Stolper and many others among the faculty and staff.
At Princeton University Press, the editors wish to thank Alice Calaprice, Linny
Schenck, Terri O’Prey, and Leslie Flis, our production team; Brigitta van Rhein-
berg; Neil Litt; Adam Fortgang; Martha Camp; and Peter Dougherty, its director.
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