The following lists all significant errata to Volumes 1–10 that have come to our attention.
Trivial printing or spelling errors, corrections to years of birth and death of individuals, and
errors in the indexes and literature cited are not included; the latter have been silently in-
corporated in the Cumulative Index and the Cumulative Bibliography, respectively. We also
note two global corrections: in Volume 7, the word “Königlich” in “Königlich Preußische
Akademie der Wissenschaften” should be omitted in all references to the Academy for
1919 and later, and in Volumes 8, 9, and 10 Hans Albert Einstein’s nickname should be
Adn, instead of Adu.
Volume 1
P. 242, line 14 and und
P. 371, line 32 p. 12 p. 14
Volume 2
P. x, line 33 1906 1905
P. 167, footnote 10 “Wirkliche Moleküle” (“real mole-
cules”) are presumably those that are
not dissociated.
“Wirkliche Moleküle” (“real mole-
cules”) are actual molecules. Ein-
stein uses this terminology because
the word “Molekül” was also used
for a mole (see, e.g., Einstein 1904
[Doc. 5], pp. 358–359, for this
P. 172, line 13 the size of molecules Avogadro’s number
P. 183, line 5 1906 1905
Volume 3
Pp. 402–407 (run-
ning header)
Volume 4
P. 145, note 23 Doc. 16 Doc. 17
P. 196, line 15
, ,
, ,
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