The following section contains a chronological list of Albert Einstein’s writings
published before 1922.
The items are identified by bibliographical short titles of the form Author(s) year
that indicate the year of publication. Multiple publications within the same year are
distinguished by a trailing lower case letter. Co-authored items are listed alphabet-
ically following the chronological list.
Each entry lists the title of the publication and its bibliographic reference, followed
by the volume, document number, and page numbers in the documentary and trans-
lation editions of its publication in the CPAE.
If a publication is not presented in the documentary edition because it is identical
or very similar to another item, a cross-reference to the presented version is provid-
ed. Likewise, cross-references are made to translations and reprints, but only if
those, too, were published before 1922. The entries also contain information about
the dating of each item.
Citations of documents refer to CPAE volumes and page numbers. A trailing “n”
indicates that the reference occurs in a footnote and a trailing “c” that it occurs in
the calendar.
The bibliographic short title assigned to an Einstein publication in any volume is
retained in all subsequent volumes. Conversely, later Einstein publications may
have been referenced in earlier volumes with a different short title. If so, the short
title used in the respective volume is indicated in the citations.
For Einstein’s unpublished writings, see “List of Writings, 1891–1921,” pp. 1–44.
For items published after 1921, see “Cumulative Bibliography and Index of Cita-
tions to Volumes 1–10,” pp. 455–612.
For lists of Einstein’s correspondence, see the “Alphabetical List of Correspon-
dence, 1895–1920,” pp. 93–135, and the “Chronological List of Correspondence,
1895–1920,” pp. 137–174.
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