CALENDAR 1920 5 7 1
to be built in Berlin. Asks for appointment to present the
donation in person. [11 246].
AKS from Julio Rey Pastor. Urges to accept his unofficial
invitation of 22 April 1920 (Vol. 9, Doc. 391) to lecture in
Madrid and Barcelona. [44 764].
after May 11 ADft to R. W. Drechsler written at the bottom of the second
page of Drechsler’s letter (11 May, in Calendar). Promises
to send invitation to his Leyden lecture. For the time being,
he cannot fix a date for his visit to the German Embassy in
The Hague. [9 489].
May 12 Erwin Freundlich, as member of the board of trustees of the
Einstein Donation Fund, requests the consent of minister of
education to commission Erich Mendelsohn to build the
tower telescope. GyBSA, I. HA, Rep. 76 Vc, Sekt. 1,
Tit. 11, Teil 5c, Nr. 55, Bl. 13. [83 289].
2-page ALS from Richard von Schubert-Soldern. Einstein’s
letter of 1 May reached him 11 May. Thanks for the efforts
on his behalf and for the words of appreciation. [21 559].
May 13 1-page TLS from Frank D. Fackenthal. On 3 May the trust-
ees of Columbia University adopted the resolution to award
the Barnard Medal for Meritorious Service to Science to
Einstein “for his highly original and fruitful development of
the fundamental concepts of Physics through application of
Mathematics.” [30 129]. Columbia had apparently asked
Max Talmey to prepare a “Biographical Sketch of Albert
Einstein” for George B. Pegram, Dean of the Faculty of
Applied Sciences at Columbia University, 3 May 1920,
NNC, Central Files 88/16. [91 166].
May 14 2-page TTrL from Otto Naumann. On behalf of minister of
education, Naumann acknowledges Gustav Müller’s report
of 30 April 1920 (Vol. 9, Calendar) that experiments on the
theory of relativity are to be carried out with the help of the
Einstein Donation Fund . Calls upon the Astrophysical
Observatory to include this topic in its plan and provide
assistance. Gives his consent to erect the tower telescope on
the premises of the observatory, to be the property of the
observatory, provided that during its first ten years it will be
used above all for the experimental test of general relativity.
GyBSA, I. HA, Rep. 76 Vc, Sekt. 1, Tit. 11, Teil 5c, Nr. 55,
Bl. 12. [83 288.1].
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