5 7 4 CALENDAR 1920
from the KWIP and informs of his new findings on the
effect of linearly polarized light. [45 215].
May 26 1-page TLS from Vieweg publishing house. A large French
publishing company (Gauthier-Villars; see Vieweg’s letter
of 21 July 1920, in Calendar) requests permission to publish
Einstein 1917a in French. Vieweg proposes to charge 5% of
the selling price. A Russian translation is requested by G. B.
Itelson. Vieweg proposes to ask for 2% of the selling price.
[42 041].
May 28 4-page ALS from Hans G. Möller. Outlines an argument
intended to explain the discrepancy between recent observa-
tions and the theoretically predicted value of the constant
that is to be determined in Einstein and De Haas 1915a.
Suggests that the angular momentum of the coil be included
in the analysis. [44 476].
May 29 Inducted as foreign member into the Royal Dutch Academy
of Sciences.
“Als-Ob”-conference in Halle.
May 30 An appeal in favor of the republican constitution (“Kund-
gebung deutscher Hochschullehrer für die republikanische
Verfassung”) is published. Condemns violence from both
the right and the left and warns of the danger of destructive
criticism to political freedom . Einstein is among signatories
with their majority close to the DDP. Berliner Tageblatt
ME; Vossische Zeitung; Nottmeier 2004, p. 476.
June 1 Arrives in Berlin.
2-page TLC to Vieweg publishing house. Proposes to
request 8% for himself, 4% for Vieweg from the French
publisher (see entry of 26 May), and to ask the publisher
for payment of an aggregate sum of not less than 500 francs
to Jeanne Rouvière, a prospective translator (see 8 March
1920 in Vol. 9, Calendar). As to the Russian translation, it
will be sold mostly to well-to-do Russians living outside
Russia. Proposes 5% for himself, 3% to Vieweg, and 3% to
Itelson, who lives in straitened circumstances. Hopes to
have time to send the addenda to the 10th edition of Einstein
1917a. His request for 20% is not high because percentage-
wise he had been undercompensated for the last editions.
[42 044].
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