CALENDAR 1920 5 7 5
1-page TLS from F. M. Henkell. He and his brother are
sending a case of “Henkell Privat” from their cellar as token
of their admiration. [43 883].
2-page AKS from Frans M. Jaeger. Sends list of references
(Ghosh 1918a, 1918b, 1918c, Bjerrum 1918, 1919, Noyes
and MacInnes 1920) on the dissociation of electrolytes, as
requested. [13 374].
1-page TLSX from Friedrich Schmidt-Ott. Cover letter to
Peter P. Koch’s letter to KWIP board of trustees (entry of 24
May), requesting opinion. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 1A, Nr. 1657.
[77 318].
after June 1 1-page Dft in Ilse Einstein’s hand to Erich Marx, written on
the verso of Marx’s letter (see 11 May, in Calendar). Having
just returned from his trip, he finds Marx’s letter. Proposes
Saturday 11 A.M. to 1
for Marx’s visit. Appreciates the
generous resolution of the city council and will strive to
serve the common good to the best of his ability. [11 247].
June 2 Awarded the Barnard Medal of Columbia University.
[65 012].
1-page TDC. Agreement with Methuen publishing house on
British and American editions of Einstein 1917a. Stipulates
per copy 2 pence royalty for Vieweg publishing house, 2
pence for Einstein for the copyright, and 2 pence more for
additions, with a minimum printing of 2,000; 5 cents royalty
for Vieweg, 5 cents for Einstein for the copyright, and 4
cents more for additions per copy sold in the United States,
with a minimum printing of 3,000. [67 948].
ADft of a reply to Maurice Solovine’s letter (see entry of 4
May) in Ilse Einstein’s hand. Already gave the translation
right of Einstein 1917a to Jeanne Rouvière. Proposes to turn
to Paul Langevin for a topic for Coppel’s thesis. Sent him
Lorentz et al. 1920 through a Swiss intermediary (Droin;
see letter from Solovine, entry of 14 June) to avoid the need
for an export authorization. [21 119].
1-page TLC from Ilse Einstein to Vieweg publishing house
on behalf of Einstein. A Hungarian engineer requests per-
mission for a Hungarian translation. Einstein proposes to set
the same conditions as those for the French translation.
[42 047].
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