5 7 6 CALENDAR 1920
2-page ALS from Hedwig Kohn to KWIP board of trustees.
Because of inflation, the 7,000 M granted in entry of 18
May no longer covers the price of the quartz spectrograph;
asks whether the device could become her personal property
were she to supplement the balance from personal funds.
GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 7, Mappe Kohn. [77 803].
1-page TLS from Vieweg publishing house. Received the
contract from Methuen publishing house on the English edi-
tion of Einstein 1917a. Found it in agreement with Ein-
stein’s and their wishes (see 1 and 5 May, in Calendar).
After Einstein signs it, Methuen will send a copy with its
signature. Requests a response to its letter of 26 May (in
Calendar). [42 046].
June 3 TLC to Julio Rey Pastor. Accepts his invitation (11 May, in
Calendar) on condition that his lectures be directed to scien-
tists, with figures and calculations. He can deliver popular
lectures only in German. Proposes October 1921 for the
visit. [44 765].
June 5 1-page TLC to Peter P. Koch. Summarizes appropriations
conditions of KWIP money: the procured items will be the
property of KWIP, and, therefore, long-lasting instruments
are to be bought in order to make their further use possible,
but the acquisition of less permanent items is not categori-
cally forbidden. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 7, Mappe Koch.
[77 787].
2-page TLS from Moritz Schlick. Sends the manuscript of
Schlick 1920a. Apologizes for having been unable to attend
the “Als-Ob” conference (see 23 May, in Calendar) and rep-
resent Einstein there because of inconvenient train connec-
tions, but also expresses considerable reservations about the
quality of the conference. Invites Einstein to stop over in
Rostock on his way to or from Norway. [21 575].
June 6 General elections in Germany. In Reichstag, Social Demo-
cratic/Democratic Party coalition defeated, while proportion
of votes for radical right and radical left increases.
TLC to Columbia University. Thanks for being awarded the
Barnard Medal (see 13 May, in Calendar). It heralds better
times when international solidarity will again unite the
scholars of the world. [30 130].
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