5 7 8 CALENDAR 1920
1-page TLS from Friedrich Schmidt-Ott. Because of infla-
tion, the KWIP board of trustees envisions doubling the
budget for KWIP, if the KWG succeeds in its fund-raising
campaign. Requests that Einstein prepare a new budget with
twice the total amount of the current one. GyBP, I. Abt.,
Rep. 34, Nr. 13. [77 698]; TDf, GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 1A,
Nr. 1657. [77 319].
June 11 1-page TLS to Friedrich Schmidt-Ott. Submits the
requested revised budget with doubled sums for 1920–1921;
asks for a few weeks’ postponement of the deadline for the
report and accounts for fiscal year 1919–1920 because he
will leave Berlin the following day. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 1A,
Nr. 1665, Bl. 41. [77 956]; TD, Bl. 42. [77 957].
June 12 Leaves Berlin together with Ilse Einstein for Kristiania
June 14 Margot Loewenthal’s last name is officially changed to
“Einstein.” [67 049].
2-page ALS from Maurice Solovine. Thanks for a copy of
Lorentz et al. 1920. Regrets not being given the commission
to translate Einstein 1917a. If negotiations between
Gauthier-Villars and Vieweg publishing houses fail, Gabriel
Darquet would be happy to publish it. Asks whether Ein-
stein received the copy of Huyghens 1920 he had sent him
(see 24 May, in Calendar). [21 121].
June 15 Delivers his first lecture in Kristiania (Oslo) on special rela-
tivity. Aftenposten, 16 June.
Gustav Müller informs minister of education that the board
of trustees of the Einstein Donation Fund will consist of
Einstein, Gustav Müller, Erwin Freundlich, and Rudolf
Schneider, Managing Director of the Reichsverband der
Deutschen Industrie. GyBSA, I. HA, Rep. 76 Vc, Sekt. 1,
Tit. 11, Teil 2, Nr. 6i, Bd. 1, Bl. 12. [85 461].
1-page ALS to D. B. Steinman. Cannot give him the right of
translation of Einstein 1917a for an American publication
because it already was given to others. Steven S. Raab Auto-
graphs. eBay, 21 January 2001, Collectibles:Auto-
graphs:Science, item #543296036. [88 030].
AKS from Robert W. Lawson. The translation of Einstein
1917a is to come out in June or early July. Requests a copy
of Einstein 1920j. [44 274].
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