5 8 0 CALENDAR 1920
June 20 TLS from Hans Thirring, Adolf Smekal, and Ludwig
Flamm. In the fall of 1919, Franz S. Exner retired from his
chair at the University of Vienna. In an effort to be his suc-
cessor, Felix Ehrenhaft solicited opinions from German col-
leagues, among them Einstein, and used them to give the
impression of being the only possible candidate. The major-
ity of Vienna physicists, however, consider him too one-
sided. This is corroborated by his statements that Bohr’s
theory was nonsense and that he was to abolish theoretical
physics at the University of Vienna within two years. They
ask Einstein whether he stands by his earlier positive opin-
ion of Ehrenhaft’s merits (see Vol. 9, Docs. 269, 302, and
365). Ehrenhaft’s “subelectron” was recently questioned by
Else Norst (see Doc. 45), and his “negative photophoresis”
was critized by Adalbert Rubinowicz. They sent a letter of
similar content to Max Planck as well. [10 361].
June 23 Gustav Roethe reiterates that Einstein’s position is a purely
academic one, and he should have no teaching obligations.
GyBSA, Rep. 76 Vc, Sekt. 2, Tit. 23. Litt. F, Nr. 2, Bd. 14,
Bl. 319. [82 207].
TLSX from Friedrich Schmidt-Ott. Sends a copy of his let-
ter to Mendelssohn & Co in which he informs the bank that
Einstein’s quarterly salary of 1,250 M was raised to
2,500 M as of 1 April retroactively. GyBP, I. Abt., 1A, 1657.
[77 321].
1-page TLSX from Eduard Sthamer. The PAW has estab-
lished that Einstein is a civil servant. Asks whether Einstein
had already taken the oath of allegiance, and if not, invites
him to do so on 1 July 1920, 4:45
(before the Leibniz
session) in room 48 of the PAW. A handwritten note on the
letter copy informs that Einstein accepts the invitation over
the phone. GyBAW, II-III, Bd. 38, Bl. 54. [79 295].
June 24 Queen Wilhelmina grants permission to create a special pro-
fessorship at the University of Leyden. [29 299]. C. van
Vollenhoven to Pieter Zeeman, 24 July 1920 [81 452];
Staatsblad van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, No. 315 (27
July 1920).
Arrives in Copenhagen together with Ilse Einstein. They
room with Elis Strömgren in the observatory. Ibald 1920a
and 1920b.
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