CALENDAR 1920 5 8 1
1 page TLS from Adolf von Harnack. 10% of wages paid
into the accounts of KWG and KWIP at Mendelssohn & Co
and Preussische Staatsbank should be deducted from sala-
ries for tax purposes and reserved by the bank. GyBP, I.
Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 8, Mappe Mendelssohn. [77 887]. Said
amounts would be transferred quarterly by the bank to the
tax authorities. [77 888 and 77 889].
4-page ALS from Oskar Steinel on logic, development of
speech, unified theory of archeological findings in Troy,
Egypt, Central America and their connection with the struc-
ture of the Earth’s crust. [45 046].
after June 24 1-page Dft to Oskar Steinel on last page of Steinel’s letter
of 24 June in Ilse Einstein’s hand: “Vorgenommen, genauer
zu schreiben, aber unmöglich da Überlastung. Brief sehr
interessiert, aber sachlich so fernstehend nicht in der Lage
auf die interessierenden Fragen einzugehen.” [45 047].
June 25 Gives a 75-minute lecture on “Gravitation und Geometrie”
to the Royal Danish Astronomical Society in the ceremonial
hall of the Technical University of Copenhagen. Ibald
1920b; German Embassy in Oslo to Foreign Office, 26 June
1920, GyBSA, I. HA, Rep. 76 Vc, Sekt. 1, Tit. 11, Teil 5c,
Nr. 55, Bl. 51. [82 260].
TLS from “Dinos.” Gustav Lilienthal has submitted to Hugo
Stinnes a proposal, including a study of the gliding of birds,
to create a study group (Studiengesellschaft) with the partic-
ipation of “Dinos,” a company affiliated to Stinnes.
Lilienthal named Einstein as referee. “Dinos” requests Ein-
stein’s opinion on the soundness of Lilienthal’s theory.
[44 341].
after June 25 Dft in Ilse Einstein’s hand on the verso of the letter from
“Dinos” (entry of 25 June). He was present at Lilienthal’s
lecture on flight (Lilienthal 1920), and he agrees with his
ideas on the construction of wings, but not in every detail.
[44 342].
Baron von Neurath, German envoy in Copenhagen, gives a
lunch in Einstein’s honor. Ibald 1920b.
June 27 1-page ADSX: “Was nichts kostet, ist auch nichts wert.
Albert Einstein, 27. VI. 20.” [36 582].
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