5 8 2 CALENDAR 1920
June 28 Einstein and Ilse Einstein leave Denmark for Germany.
Ibald 1920b.
June 29 Arrives in Berlin. Elsa Einstein to Max Born, 30 June 1920.
GyB, Nachl. Born, Nr. 189, Bl. 4. [8 279.12].
2-page ALS from Moritz Schlick. Regrets not having been
able to meet Einstein when Einstein, on his way back from
Norway, traveled through the railroad station of Rostock;
Ilse Einstein’s card arrived late. Thanks for a letter from
Elsa Einstein. Praises Born 1920a, which he had received in
galley proofs. [21 578].
after June 29 In the first notification on the contributions to the Einstein
Donation Fund, a round sum of 350,000 M is reported, and
further contributions are requested. GyBAW, Astrophysika-
lisches Observatorium 147, Bl. 1/2.
June 30 1-page TLS from Otto von Baeyer. Requests 5,000 M for
continuing the investigations on the determination of ele-
mentary electric charge commenced by Erich Regener with
KWIP financial assistance before Regener left Baeyer’s
institute. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 1, Mappe Baeyer.
[77 973].
July Contract between board of trustees of the Einstein Donation
Fund and the Company A. u. F. Bolle in Potsdam on the
construction of the tower telescope building. Kirsten and
Treder 1979, p. 95, Nr. 352.
July 1 Takes the oath of allegiance to the national constitution
according to formula: “Ich schwöre Treue der Reichsverfas-
sung.” GyBAW, II-III, Bd. 38, Bl. 55. [79 296].
1-page TDS by Einstein. Certificate of taking the oath of
allegiance to the national constitution, administered by
Gustav Roethe. GyBAW, II-III, Bd. 38, Bl. 57. [79 297].
1-page TLS to Friedrich Schmidt-Ott. Asks that requests for
KWIP support sent to the address of the KWIP board of
trustees be forwarded to him directly and not circulated
among members of the board of trustees and of the board of
directors. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 1A, Nr. 1657. [77 322].
1-page ADft to Ernst Wagner in Ilse Einstein’s hand. Before
submitting Wagner’s request to the KWIP board of trustees,
asks for an itemized list of the devices to be procured. They
must be transportable, and they will become property of the
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