CALENDAR 1920 5 8 3
KWIP. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 11, Mappe Wagner.
[77 660].
July 2 1-page Dft to Adolf Wermuth in Ilse Einstein’s hand on the
verso of Wermuth’s letter (entry of 8 May). Proposes the
evening of 6 or 7 July. [44 615].
July 3 1-page TLC of Ilse Einstein to Hedwig Kohn on behalf of
Einstein. Asks Kohn what amount is needed for the quartz
spectrograph. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 7, Mappe Kohn.
[77 805].
4-page ALS from Robert W. Pohl. Referring to a conversa-
tion with Einstein of the same day, asks for 8,000 M in addi-
tion to the already granted 5,000 M (see 25 May 1920 in
Vol. 9, Calendar) to continue his photoelectric research.
GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 9, Mappe Pohl. [77 571].
2-page TLS from Exner, Chairman of the Freie Vereinigung
für Technische Volksbildung, Vienna. Invites Einstein to
join the organization, and offers membership on council.
Solicits statement on the importance of technological edu-
cation. [45 102].
July 5 Unauthenticated excerpts from a purported letter to Lucien
Fabre in which he writes approvingly of the manuscript of
Fabre 1921, praises Langevin, and describes himself as
Jewish and pacifist (Fabre 1921, pp. 17–18.) Einstein
denied writing the letter, after seeing the book, in Einstein to
Léon Bailby, after 16 March 1921 [21 139].
2-page TLS from Gustav and Regina Maier. Offer their con-
dolences on the passing of Pauline Einstein and congratulate
Einstein for his overcoming nationalistic animosity.
[44 367].
July 5–16 International conference of Germans and Allies at Spa. Ger-
man delegation requests modification of terms of Versailles
Treaty. Allies refuse, and give Germany deadline of 1 Janu-
ary 1921 to comply, threatening occupation of parts of Ger-
many, such as the Ruhr. Outrage in German press coverage.
July 6 1-page ALS from Santiago R. Cajal. Extends invitation for a
short lecture series on relativity to be delivered to specialists
in Madrid. Proposes fall or next spring. [44 918].
TLC from Frank D. Fackenthal. Informs Einstein that the
Swiss Legation in Washington has offered to forward him
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