5 8 4 CALENDAR 1920
the Barnard Medal and asks for assurances in this regard.
NNC, Central Files, 88/16 [91 171].
July 8 Meeting of the KWIP board of directors, decides inter alia
on Ilse Einstein’s salary. See AE to KWIP board of trustees,
entry of 14 September.
July 9 1-page TLC to Leonhard Grebe. Asks Grebe to specify the
items to be bought. KWIP prefers giving money for items
that expand the instrument pool of KWIP. GyBP, I. Abt.,
Rep. 34, Nr. 3, Mappe Grebe. [78 056].
In response to Rudolf Mewes’s manuscript submitted to the
PAW, claiming that Einstein’s relativity is a bluff, Einstein
points out Mewes’s elementary mathematical errors. Mewes
1920, p. 54.
3-page TLS from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auslandsbuch-
handel (Pfeiffer). In October, on the occasion of the Leipzig
Book Fair, they will organize an exhibition on “The German
Book,” as well as a congress on 8 October on ways and
means of assisting scholarship, which is currently lacking in
international exchanges of information. Pfeiffer invites Ein-
stein to join the organizing committee. [43 391].
after July 9 1-page Dft reply to Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auslands-
buchhandel on verso of 9 July 1920 letter (see above), in
Ilse Einstein’s hand. Declines invitation because he is over-
burdened with work. [43 392].
July 10 1-page TLC to Peter Debye. The KWIP will lend him the
requested transformer for a short term only; long-term loans
of costly equipment cannot be made to the better-equipped
institutes in neutral countries. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 1,
Mappe Debye. [77 994].
1-page TLC to Robert W. Pohl. Asks for details on condi-
tions of spending the money requested from the KWIP (see
entry of 3 July). As a rule, KWIP grants funds for instru-
ments that remain the property of the institute. GyBP,
I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 9, Mappe Pohl. [77 572].
1-page TLS from Ilse Einstein to Vieweg publishing house
on behalf of Einstein. Their letters written in June have not
been answered because Einstein has only now returned
home. He will soon complete the manuscript of the 10th
edition of Einstein 1917a. Also suggests they wait with the
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