CALENDAR 1920 5 8 9
“principle of ‘relative’ constancy of the velocity of light.”
Declines Einstein’s invitation to repent. [11 541].
July 29 2-page TLS from Robert W. Lawson. Requests a copy of
Einstein 1920j for its prospective translation into English.
Hopes to get a higher royalty for it. The English translation
of Einstein 1917a will be published on 19 August at the
latest. [44 276].
1-page TLS from Vieweg publishing house. Forwards a
request from the Hochschulbücherei, Marburg, for permis-
sion to transcribe Einstein 1917a into Braille script.
[42 053].
July 30 1-page TLC to Otto von Baeyer. The KWIP board of direc-
tors is prepared to grant the requested support, but because
the research will not be carried out by Baeyer himself, asks
for a statement of responsibility. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34,
Nr. 1, Mappe Baeyer. [77 975].
2-page TLS from Hermann Thoms. Invitation to lecture to
the German Pharmacological Society in October on the
importance of the theory of relativity for physics, chemistry,
and perhaps pharmacology. [44 659].
Vieweg and Gauthier-Villars publishing houses sign a con-
tract on French edition of Einstein 1917a. [67 846].
July 31 1-page TLC from Ilse Einstein to Vieweg publishing house,
on behalf of Einstein. Consents to transcribe Einstein 1917a
into Braille script. [42 054].
1-page ALS from David Reichinstein. Gives thanks for the
advice. He does not hate Haber (see 27 July, in Calendar)
but detects something repulsive (“abstossend”) in his work.
[20 136].
August Dedication to Lina Kocherthaler on his photo: “Meiner
frohmütigen Cousine Lina. Albert Einstein.” Karen Cortell
Reisman Family. [85 903].
August 2 The first attack of Paul Weyland on Einstein. Tägliche
Rundschau, EE, Unterhaltungsbeilage.
August 3 “Comment on the Paper by W. R. Heß, ‘Contribution to the
Theory of the Viscosity of Heterogeneous Systems’” is
received (Vol. 7, Doc. 44).
1-page TLS from Heinrich Stern. Sends the manuscript of a
feuilleton before publishing it in a newspaper. Calculations
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