5 9 0 CALENDAR 1920
and lecture draft in Einstein’s hand on the verso. [2 083,
2 082.1].
August 4 1-page TLS from Allgemeine Studenten-Vertretung an der
Technischen Hochschule Dresden. Extends invitation to lec-
ture, given the great interest in Einstein’s theory. [43 573].
3-page ALS from Tullio Levi-Civita. Proposes G. L. Calisse
as translator of Einstein 1917a into Italian. Forwards Pala-
tini’s kind regards, and asks for copies of Einstein 1919a
and 1919b. [16 256].
August 5 1-page TLS from Friedrich Glum. Sends a copy of Planck’s
letter (TLC. [77 324]) to Mendelssohn & Co. Requests
information on any remittance from the account of the
KWIP. GyBP, I Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 10, Mappe Steubing.
[82 742].
1-page TLS from Julio Rey Pastor. Regrets that Einstein
cannot visit Spain (see 14 July, in Calendar). Requests a
copy of Einstein 1917a to publish it serialized in their
journal. [44 767].
August 7 8-page ALS from Ludwig Lange. Remembering his meet-
ing with Einstein in Benzingen on 12–13 August 1919, he
invites him for a visit to his home in Winnenden. Claims
that he appreciated the problem of simultaneity of distant
events already in 1884, and a consistent relativity, the rela-
tivity of rotation included, was emphasized both by Mach
and by him. Attributes his failure in developing his ideas to
the lack of acceptance by the physics community; but is
happy to have made a personal sacrifice for a great idea. He
is not fighting for priority; considers himself as a great-
uncle or grandfather of Einstein’s theory. Is confident that
his concept of inertial systems will be useful in theoretical
physics. His ideas were in agreement with those of Mach,
but proceeding from mathematical rather than physical con-
siderations. Intends to respond to the objections of Joseph
Petzoldt and Erwin Freundlich. Especially regrets that
Freundlich did not recognize his introduction of the con-
cepts “inertial system” and “inertial timescale.” Proposes to
take his ideas into consideration and to lay the foundations
of Einstein’s theories not only on purely physical experi-
ence. Will participate in the Nauheim meeting of the GDNÄ
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