5 9 2 CALENDAR 1920
Einstein’s often-mentioned question concerning the limits
of the describability of reality through a continuum. Apolo-
gizes for his philosophical remarks about relativity theory,
but is glad to be able to agree with Einstein’s comments on
politics. [9 088].
TLS and TTrL from Friedrich Glum on behalf of Max
Planck. Attaches a copy of a letter of Mendelssohn & Co of
27 July to board of trustees of KWIP. Referring to corre-
spondence with Einstein, Magnus sent back 1,001.80 M
from the 3,000 he had been allotted. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34,
Nr. 8, Mappe Mendelssohn. [77 891].
1-page TLS from Robert W. Lawson. In answering Ein-
stein’s nonextant card, he reconfirms that he envisions trans-
lating a lecture, even if a short one. Congratulates on
Einstein’s appointment as Special Professor in Leyden.
[44 277].
1-page TLS from Gösta Mittag-Leffler. Solicits an article on
Poincaré for a memorial volume of Acta Mathematica on
Karl Weierstrass, Sonya Kowalewski, and Henri Poincaré.
[17 385].
August 17 AKS to Ernst Schuchard. “[…] Nach meiner Meinung ist
die Reaktionskraft des elektrischen Windes wegen
schlechten Wirkungsgrades als Mittel zur Erreichung des
von Ihnen erstrebten Zieles ungeeignet […]” Stargardt Auk-
tion Katalog 11–12 June 1986, lot 311. [73 408].
August 20 2-page TLS from Edouard Guillaume. Apologizes for the
delay in replying to Doc. 94, due to his holiday. Continues
to expound on his anti-relativity theory, which rejects the
relativity of simultaneity and therefore concludes that there
is no such effect as time dilation (in either special or general
[11 544].
ALS to Leo Landau. For lack of time, he cannot accept Lan-
dau’s invitation, forwarded by Hans Mühsam, to visit with
him in Lübeck. NNLBI/AR136/8/2. [85 530].
August 21 1-page TLS from Vieweg publishing house. The 10th edi-
tion of Einstein 1917a is completed. It is printed in 10,000
copies and its price is 7.20 M. Einstein’s royalty is
14,400 M and free copies or their equivalent price. Attached
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