5 9 4 CALENDAR 1920
Rumor published that Einstein plans to leave Germany as a
result of hate campaign against him. Berliner Tageblatt,
ME; Berliner Börsen-Zeitung, 1. Beilage, 28 August 1920.
2-page ALS from Josef Nowak. An Aryan, he apologizes
for the attacks against Einstein, e.g., at the Berlin Philhar-
monic Hall. He does not join those who consider relativity
anti-Christian; on the contrary, is convinced that it can yield
a scientific foundation for the exceptional role that light
plays in every religious myth as symbol of truth and perfec-
tion. [36 034].
August 28 2-page ALS from P. Havel. Is annoyed by the campaign
against Einstein, especially in his birthplace, Berlin. Asks
Einstein not to leave Berlin, thereby also avoiding criticism
of Germany abroad. [36 023].
2-page ALS from F. Hennig. The so-called Arbeitsgemein-
schaft deutscher Naturforscher is a shady organization that
is dragging German science through the mud. It especially
grieves him that his colleague at the Physikalisch-Tech-
nische Reichsanstalt, Ernst Gehrcke, stands as “spiritus
rector” behind Einstein’s enemies. Assures Einstein that
there are many devoted friends there. [36 024].
August 29 Interview with Einstein on scientific attacks against relativ-
ity. His colleagues hope he will not leave Berlin. Vossische
Zeitung, ME, 4th Supplement.
3-page ALS from Artur Bartscht. Einstein’s name is the
symbol of a new era. The goal of the clique of enemies is to
dumb down the people. These so-called Volksgenossen
reveal more and more their true, snarling baboon face. Innu-
merable admirers wish that good fortune keep Einstein in
the sorely tried homeland and that they not feel ashamed of
being German. [36 011].
August 30 4-page ALS from Leo Gilbert. As a decided opponent of
special relativity, he is as decidely opposing the attacks on
Einstein. Appreciates the high quality of Einstein’s theories
and honors Einstein’s character, about which he learned
from Rudolf Goldscheid. [36 017].
2-page ALS from Sven Gjesdahl. Reminds Einstein of his
promise to send the Akademisk Revy a brief greeting and
portrait to the Norwegian students. [44 596].
2-page ALS from Edgar Meyer. Hans Rosenberg managed
to raise the light amplification in astrophotometry to
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