5 9 6 CALENDAR 1920
2-page TLS. Report of F. Sthamer, German envoy in Lon-
don, to Foreign Office on rumors in the British press that
Einstein plans to leave Berlin. Because Einstein is a highly
appreciated representative of German science in England,
suggests that measures be taken to keep Einstein in Ger-
many. GyBPAAA, Abt. VI B, Bd. 2, Nr. 518. [82 268].
Interview in Berlin with Walter Steinthal. Denies advertis-
ing himself. Relativity refutes neither Newton’s theory nor
Kant’s philosophy. Kölner Tageblatt.
1-page TLS from G. L. Calisse. Thanks Einstein for the
consent, forwarded by Tullio Levi-Civita, to translate Ein-
stein 1917a into Italian. [42 057].
September 3 2-page ALS from Erhard Schmidt. Is shocked by the attacks
on Einstein, but even more by the news that Einstein would
leave the land where his ideas found wonderful understand-
ing. It would be a great loss for German science, for Berlin,
for the Academy, and for him personally. [36 037].
2-page ALS from K. Schubert. Members of all parties con-
demn Einstein’s undeserved treatment. His achievements
have not been diminished by it and the German people will
hold them in high esteem. [36 039].
September 4 2-page TLSX from Otto Lemmert. Asks whether Einstein’s
opinion on Kant is correctly conveyed in a newspaper inter-
view that Lemmert attaches. He is working on a book on
truth and poetry in physics, and deliberates in it on relativity
as well. Sketches his views on the relationship between
experiment and theory. [44 285].
September 6 6-page ALS from Maria Moeller-Grevé. Daughter of an
engineeer formerly employed by Einstein’s father in Pavia.
Happy for his success and regrets that he now suffers of
other people’s ill will. Regrets the anti-Semitism that is
amplified by the poverty in Germany and elsewhere. Hopes
that Einstein will not allow himself to be forced to leave
Germany. Communicates news of her children as well as the
tragic circumstances of her husband’s death of electrocution
by lightning. [44 477].
September 7 1-page TLS from Barth publishing house. Asks permission
for a a new printing of Einstein 1916f in 2,000 copies
because the previous 1,000 have run out. Offers remunera-
tion of 900 M and twenty free copies. [41 999].
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